How to keep chipmunks from garden

Best way to keep chipmunks out of your garden

Chipmunks are adorable little creatures that we all love to watch. They're cute, funny and they always seem like a welcome addition to the garden.

But what happens when you realize your chipmunk is wreaking havoc on your beautiful plants?

Secondly, what’s the best way to keep them out? There is no one answer, as different strategies work with varying degrees of success depending on the environment.

Here are 11 suggestions for keeping these critters away from your plants:

How to keep chipmunks out of your garden naturally

Keep the lawn trimmed

Chipmunks hide in tall grass or under bushes. Trim planting beds, including low-growing plants and hedges that could provide a hiding spot for them.

Cover the garden with wire mesh

Cover your garden with wire mesh fencing or chicken-wire, and make sure it is at least three feet high to keep them out of reach.

This also works for plants in pots, as long as you leave a few inches below the pot lip uncovered so they can't dig their way under.

Also, get rid of any deep, dark, or damp areas. Chipmunks are most likely to rob your plants when they're seeking food and shelter.

Mixed orange peels

Mix orange peels with a little bit of dish soap in water and spray on the leaves of the plant you want to protect against them - this can help keep chipmunks out.

Fill up an old washtub with water and put it in the garden.

Mixed-up cayenne pepper

 Place ground mixed cayenne with a little bit of dish soap around plants you want to protect against them - this can help keep chipmunks out.

You can also Sprinkle wood ashes, rock salt, or potash on your plant beds so that they're not tempted by the smell of earth.

Plant mint

Plant mint around the plants that you want to protect against chipmunks as this can help to keep out. Chipmunks don't like the taste and they're allergic to it, so it's an excellent natural repellent for these pesky rodents!

Another method is to find a way to let your grass grow taller than two inches so that chipmunks can't get into your garden.

Put up an electric fence

Use an electric fence to stop them from entering the yard. This is a perfect way to keep chipmunks out of gardens. Chipmunk-proof fencing is available at most home and garden stores or you could build your own by using PVC pipe, chicken wire, and an electric wire.

You can also build a tall fence with chicken wire so it doesn't get easily clogged up with debris like leaves.

Plant garlic or onions

Another way to keep chipmunks out of gardens is by planting garlic or onions around the area that you want to be protected, these plants are toxic to them, and they'll stay away from your property!

Create unpleasant scent

Plant flowers around the perimeter of your garden to provide a scent that's unpleasant to chipmunks and other rodents, which can also deter them from entering your property.

How to prevent chipmunks from eating your tomatoes

Sprinkling blood meal adjacent to the roots of your tomatoes will deter any rodents from digging into your plants.

How to prevent chipmunks from digging in your garden

Chipmunks are attracted to anything that is juicy, sweet, and has a strong odor. Planting different flowers in your garden with these qualities will deter them from digging where there's produce!

How to keep away chipmunks from your potted plants

Last year I had a problem with chipmunks getting into my plants.  This was when I started using the following tips and tricks to keep them out of anything that belongs to me:

  • Use aluminum foil instead of newspaper in pots because it is slippery for their little paws and they can’t get traction on it.
  • Create a barrier around pots by placing rocks, cinder blocks, or anything else that's heavy and can't move.
  • Dress up potted plants with scarecrow-type decorations to provide an unappealing habitat for these little mammals.
  • I also learned about some edible flowers - like lavender – which are supposed to repel rodents from gardens and yards.
  • The essential oils of peppermint, clove, or other strong scents can also be used to make a garden less attractive for rodents.
  • Try planting some mint around your gardens – it is said that the smell will keep them out!

Once I started using these techniques, my problem with chipmunks disappeared.

Chipmunk's resistant plants



Anise, dill and coriander

Pro Tip: When you plant a garden or yard with plants that are resistant to chipmunks, it will take the little critters sometime before they figure out how to eat them.  They may look for easier access by digging into your flower beds and vegetable patches.

Another best way to prevent them is by planting a combination of plants, some that are edible for animals like deer or rabbits but not chipmunks, as well as those that they can't eat at all.

Perennial plants that you can grow that chipmunks will not eat include hyssop, gold strum, lavender, sweet woodruff, dahlias, cosmos, alyssum, and yarrow.

Mint family plants that they will not eat include: basil, catnip, German chamomile, lady's mantle, and peppermint

If you plant these around your garden bed as well as in it with a combination of other vegetables or flowers such plants will make a great deterrent.

Chipmunks are cute creatures, and they can be a lot of fun to watch in your garden or backyard.  They will also eat any growing plant you may have, so you must take steps to keep them out as soon as possible after they start appearing on the scene. 

Another great way to keep chipmunks out of your gardens is with motion sensor alarms. A sound that gets their attention and scares them away in seconds can work just as well since they don't like being scared!

You can also set up a humane trap in the area where you see them most, and put up a trail of food leading to the back of the trap. When they step on the trigger plate, it will shut them inside while not harming them or scaring them off.

If you notice a few of the burrows from chipmunks in your garden, it might be wise to consider putting up an electric fence around them. That way, when they try to get in and go into your garden bed, they will feel that shock right away and stay as far back as possible!

One last thing is to use a motion sensor sprinkler. These are great because they work at night when the chipmunks are most active and are afraid of being wet, so it will scare them away from your garden while keeping you safe!


How do I keep chipmunks out of my garden? 

Place an electric fence around the burrows; set up a humane trap with a trail leading away from it with food and water at the back end. Also, Use a motion sensor sprinkler as a deterrent.

Do I need a wildlife permit for trapping chipmunks on my property?

No, you do not need a license.

What is the best bait for trapping chipmunks?

A great way to keep them out of your garden bed is by using stale bread, peanut butter, and sunflower seeds as a trap.  This will also allow you to learn their movement patterns so you can better plan how they can be kept out of your garden.

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