get rid of rocks from the yard

How to get rid of rocks in your yard

Lets be honest, rocks in a garden can be found everywhere. 

However, rocks can either be an advantage or a pain in the neck. Similarly, rocks may be used in landscaping to revamp home environs on the good side.

Depending on the rock size and shape, others are undesirable and may affect the performance of botanical species that one intends to plant in a garden as they hinder proper root penetration.

On top of that, they also prevent proper water absorption in the soil, destroy the gardening tools, and obstruct a new building in your yard.

Therefore, the solution for unwanted rocks in your garden is to remove them by applying different techniques.

 How to get rid of rocks in the yard once and for all

 If you are planning to remove rocks in your yard, you need to consider several factors like the compactness of the rocks and the size of your garden.

Hand-held tools are practical when it comes to small yards while engine-driven machines are required to get rid of rocks in large yards.

 However, the use of simple hand-held tools is cost-effective but needs a lot of patience and energy to operate.


Here are 5 convenient ways to get rid of rocks from your yard

 Collecting Using Your Hands

If small and not many, picking the rocks using your hands is more convenient as it saves on your energy and is much faster and interesting when your family is included.


By using a shovel you will remove the tiny rocks. However, to achieve this entirely, you will have to excavate the entire yard and dig thoroughly.

Use of a Rod

To remove rocks that are medium in size, the use of a steel rod is precisely applicable. It is more effective as it is elongated and pointed at the end.

Use of a Rake

Raking helps transfer the pebbles from one point to another in your yard by gathering the stones and then collecting them.


To separate rocks from the soil, you can partition using a mesh-wire sifter, then shake to sift and separate rocks from the soil.

Other simple tools required to remove rocks from your yard are wheelbarrows for transportation of the rocks, gloves for protection against hurting your hands while handling the rocks, and also preventing blisters. 

Buckets are also required for transporting condensed rocks to areas of the lawn where a wheelbarrow cannot move due to topography.

Apart from the above simple tools, below are 6 manual tools required to do away with rocks in your yard;

 Four-sided Shovel

It is one of the most excellent tools as it is not heavy and comfortable to use. That means you will work with it for long hours without tiring. It can also dig extra soil as it is broader compared to other shovels.

Rocks Selection Rake

It is broad, meaning it can cover an extensive area at a time; it has the best teeth that consist of magnesium and aluminum that can grip well on amorphous rocks. This tool works wonders in collecting and sorting out the gravel.

Multi-Function Steel Lawn Rake      

Apart from handling rugged rocks since its teeth consist of strong-grade steel, Steel Lawn Rake is the best. It can also collect rocks below the barrier as it has a long arm.

The multi-function steel rake works perfectly in breaking gravel because of its extensive head that allows it to gather large amounts at a go.

Sand Pond Beach/Lake/River Rake

This rake works magic on rocks found on the shores as they are the hardest to break. It is specially made to collect both tiny and large rocks in your yard and its feathery weight and hardiness make your work less tedious.

Rockhound Landscape Rake

Rockhound landscape rake can collect both small and big rocks while its teeth are strong and can be changed too.

This tool is also the most suitable when handling massive bulk of pebbles in a vast garden. To make work more manageable, you can also use it on your tractor using a detached converter.

3 in 1 Rake (Shovel/Skim/Rake)

This tool is incredible as it is multi-purpose. You will be able to collect rocks, degenerate them, then drag and dispose of them far from your yard. While using it, you don't need to bow as it is specially made with your structure in consideration.


By using the above tools and methods, it is practically possible to get rid of rocks from your yard. However, rocks that are way too big cannot be removed by hand-used tools, and that's where specialized tools come in handy.

Big rocks are hefty to carry and so finding an alternative is recommended. There are several ways that you can cut the rocks into smaller sizes to ease transportation which includes breaking the rocks by using chemical compounds, chunks, and feathers or by using a mallet/jackhammer.

On the other hand, as much as splitting the rocks to ease their disposal is effective; using Aggravated Equipment to excruciate stubborn enormous rocks from vast yards is Essential.

The following are some exceptional tools and ways for removing large boulders from your yard.


Prong Rock Picker

This tool is everything as it has two chambers that help to increase rapidity and effectiveness. The Rock Picker is also ideal for enormous boulders as it can easily lift a 3000-pounds rock.

Rock Digger

The Rock Digger tool works well on water-logged rocks as it has elongated, thick prongs that work well on wet soil and can hold, lift and transfer the rocks to the designated area.

In conclusion, all rock removing methods are not a sure bet. All you need to achieve the best results is to know the size of your yard, the magnitude and amount of the pebbles, and your experience in getting rid of rocks in yards.



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