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Best lawn mower for 3 acres to 5 acres

Mowing three to five acres is no joke! especially if you do not own a quality lawnmower to do the job, it becomes extremely difficult.

Unfortunately, push-behind mowers are not up to the task when it comes to large yards.

If you are new to razing large lawns, then this information is for you. Here you’ll get all the guidance you need about the best lawn mower for 3 acres to 5 acres.

We have also provided our readers with professional advice that will enable you to choose a suitable lawn mower, and avoid getting stuck mowing your backyard for hours.

Factors to consider when purchasing best lawn mower for 3 acres to 5 acres


There are two types of acreage mowers; riding and push behind acreage mowers, despite the naming similarity, these mowers are immensely different.

However, push behind acreage mowers are not ideal for large yards since they have to be pushed to cut the grass, this may take ages to mow 3 to 5 acres. That’s why a pull behind mower is highly recommended for cutting large yards.

The pull behind acreage mower is normally attached to four-wheelers like tractors, their large deck accelerates cutting efficiency and enables you to mow large yards with less time.

The next type of mower we are going to look at is the riding lawnmower. These mowers come with a driver's seat and hence they are driven as opposed to push-mowers. Riding mowers are highly effective and can mow your entire yard very quickly.

Generally, best lawn mowers for 3 acres to 5 acres are categorized in the following sub-types concerning weight, size, and cutting speed.

Lawn Tractor

A lawn tractor is the heaviest among riding mowers, they resemble tractors and have slower cutting speed compared to other riding mowers. However, lawn tractors are versatile with enough capacity to carry heavy accessories and equipment as you mow along.

Rear Engine Mower

Rear engine mowers are the smallest in size among the three types of riding mowers. They are compact and easier to store. Due to their small size, these mowers are not built to pull heavy equipment. Rear engine mowers are typically used to cut a maximum of 3 acres.

Zero Turn Riding Mowers 

Zero-turn mowers are the most efficient for cutting large yards. They are professionally designed with a 360° turning radius therefore flexible for mowing around obstacles. Zero-turn riding mowers have a broad anterior and wheels rotation controlled by lap bars instead of a steering wheel. They are very operative and can mow three to five acres very quickly.

Deck Size

The size of the deck is a key factor to consider while buying the best lawn mower for 3 acres to 5 acres. The larger the deck, the quicker your grass gets cut. Lawnmower decks come in three sizes namely, the large deck with 50 inches, the medium deck with 40-49 inches, and the small deck size with 28-39 inches.

Mowers with larger decks are relatively expensive. However, you may still achieve a clean cut from a small-sized deck although your cutting time will be a bit longer.


Why should you consider weight while purchasing the best lawn mower for 3 acres to 5 acres?

Weight is a crucial consideration especially for push mowers than riding or pull-behind mowers. This is because a push mower is physically moved unlike the pull-behind or the riding mowers.

Heavier mowers, however, will require specialized maintenance as opposed to smaller mowers which are easier to maintain


The inclusion of extras depends on the type of mower you are willing to purchase. For example, lawn tractors come with attachment ports for extra equipment.

A high backed seat is an important accessory for added comfort since you will be mowing for longer periods. A cup holder is also a great extra for holding your favorite drink as you cut.

Cruise control helps the rider to regulate mowing speed at a specific level while you handle the navigation, this means that you do not have to worry about the speed control. This accessory is an important consideration.


The common transmissions for the best lawn mower for 3 acres to 5 acres is automatic, manual, and hydrostatic.

Manual transmissions are responsible for shifting the gear manually after pressing the clutch pedal.

Automatic transmissions are the easiest to operate since the machine shifts the gears for you automatically, you only have to control the mower.

Hydrostatic transmission lasts longer than the other transmission types and requires the least maintenance attention.

The hydrostatic transmission uses motor oil fluid to shift engine power therefore eliminating the need for belts and gears. However, this transmission type is the most expensive compared to manual and automatic.

Engine Power

Engine power will determine the rate and speed of mowing your yard. The powerful the engine the less time it will take the best lawn mower for 3 acres to 5 acres to cut a large yard.

Engine power is measured in two calibrations, the horsepower (HP) and the cubic centimeters (cc).

A powerful engine is represented by a higher horsepower number. The majority of acreage lawn mowers come with a horsepower range of 10-25 HP.

Similarly, the higher the cubic centimeter number the extra powerful the engine. Best lawn mower for 3 acres to 5 acres come with a range of 300-800cc.

However, to avoid complications while purchasing, the easiest way is to look out for a machine with a high cc number.


A few considerations about serviceability are easy accessibility of the engine since it's the main source of cutting power.

The engine will require cleaning from time to time hence its inaccessibility will reduce the efficiency of the machine. 

Some climates will require you to mow from spring to fall therefore it will be important to maintain your mowers in a perfect cutting edge position.

The materials used to build the large acreage mowers are important. Movable and cutting parts should be built with high-quality, durable materials. The frame and the deck housing the blades should be made up of high-standard steel.

The best lawn mower for 3 acres to 5 acres is an expensive investment and therefore you should ensure that yours gives back the value for your money.  

Facts about Best lawn mower for 3 acres to 5 acres

There are a few insights you need to know about lawnmowers for 3 to 5 acres

Pull behind vs. riding lawn mower

As we mentioned earlier there are two major types of acreage mowers, pull behind and the riding lawnmower. The choice of which mower to purchase lies with you since each type has its pros and cons.

For example, pull behind mowers need additional equipment, either a tractor or a four-wheeler for pulling them around the yard. The pro side of this mower is that you will get more work done quickly. However, their large decks make them difficult to store.

Purchase a pull-behind mower if you already have an off-road four-wheeler or a tractor. Gardeners with large yards should consider this type of acreage mower.

Riding lawn-mowers are ideal for being multi-purpose. Zero-turn acreage mowers for three to five acres are the quickest cutters. Rear engine mowers occupy a limited storage unit.

However, riding mowers for two acres are priced similarly to the pull-behind mower. This means that, regarding the machine you decide to purchase, you might get more benefits for your money.

Riding mowers are versatile and can be used to cut yards of all sizes, they consume more gas and occupy large storage space.

Electric vs. Gas Mowers for Large Yards

The aspect of fuel is a great determinant when it comes to acreage mowers. You can purchase either depending on the acreage of your yard. However, there are some considerations that you must look into before making a decision to buy either of these mowers. Electric mowers consist of corded and cordless mowers. 

Most riding mowers are cordless and run on battery power. However, the majority of push-behind mowers are mostly corded.

Gas mowers are the best cutters for large yards since battery-powered lawn mowers last for a short time. Therefore, if you are not willing to split your mowing time, you should consider a gas mower instead.

How long does it take to cut large yards?

The length of time it takes to mow a large yard primarily depends on the deck size and the mower engine power.

The larger the deck of your mower the faster it will take to mow a large yard.

However, there is just 15 minutes time difference between medium and large decks therefore, buyers on a budget may consider purchasing a less-costly medium-sized mower.

Push mowers are not ideal for large yards since it takes 2-5 hours to cut an acre depending on the size of the machine, that’s why we recommend riding and pull behind mowers for top-notch efficiency.

The following illustration explains the time it takes to mow with different deck sizes.

Large deck: 45 minutes

Medium deck: About one hour

Small Deck: About two hours

Push mower: About Two-Five hours an acre.

How to determine the best cutting deck height

Mowing with the right deck height will protect your grass from possible damage and keep it healthy and attractive.

Many mowers have different heights, therefore you can adjust yours by measuring the height from the wheels to the cutting blades housing.

The blades are supposed to be slightly above the housing. This procedure will offer you an idea of your deck height.

Measure a small patch of grass with a ruler on your yard with the ruler base touching the ground. Make sure to cut less than 1/3 of the grass height, for example, when the grass height in your yard is 3 inches tall, cut 1 inch off. This will require adjustment of the cutting deck height.

Maintaining your Lawn Mower

Different mowers have different maintenance and care. For example, if you have an electric lawn mower you will not require engine maintenance.

However, a gas mower will need maintenance from time to time.  You may expect to fill the gas, change the spark plugs, filters, and used up oil. These tasks are easier to learn since the user manual will help you how to do them.

Riding mowers require more maintenance attention than pull-behind mowers. It is recommended that you seek the help of a professional to perform yearly check for you like examining the suspension, transmission, engine, and tires.


If you own a large yard, you require the most efficient and the best lawn mower for 3 acres to 5 acres. This will be a costly investment but they are worth more than their price. They will mow your yard in less time and due to their sturdy construction, you can always use them to perform multi-functional tasks.

Therefore, pick a lawn-mower that is fit for the task and works best for your yard.

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